British Columbia Wild Fires ~ How You Can Help


This has been a bad summer for forest fires in British Columbia. Thousands of families have had to leave their homes & they aren’t always able to rescue their animal companions. Lucky there are many volunteers doing their best to care for all these animals.

But shelters are overwhelmed. It’s not just dogs & cats in need of aid. Many larger animals such as horses, pigs & cows have made their way to rescues & shelters too. Many owners are posting photos & details of missing animals on social media, including this Facebook page, in the hopes of being reunited with them.

If you live in the area, volunteers are needed desperately, especially if you have a trailer & can transport larger animals. If you live far away, a financial donation can help shelters purchase supplies such as blankets, food, medical needs & crates.

Below are some links to groups that are helping the animals of British Columbia.

A special fund has been set up by Horse Council BC. You can make a donation here:

petsafecoalition.caย The Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada’s mission is to assist animals during personal or large scale emergencies or disasters.

Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team (CDART) Volunteers are mobilized when local authorities request CDART’s help or when the Provincial Emergency Program’s Emergency Social Services is activated. In specific communities, CDART has long-time established teams but will answer requests for help through local, provincial and federal government agencies.

The British Columbia SPCA has officially been deemed an essential service by the province, allowing animal protection officers access beyond checkpoints to collect as many animals left behind as possible. Officers are feeding, watering & comforting animals & where possible, reuniting them with their guardians at check points.

If you can help, even a little, please do. Please share this post too. This disaster is ongoing.

CEO Olivia โค

One thought on “British Columbia Wild Fires ~ How You Can Help

  1. BC’s wildfires is reminiscent of a couple years ago in my own state. Although nothing like that summer, we currently have a number of active fires. We hope and pray Mother Nature helps out fire crews with some rain.


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