Nylon Dog Toys ~ Now You Know


Hello everyone, Olivia here. I was asked what are rope toys for dogs made from? A lot of them are made from a synthetic compound called nylon. So today, let’s have a look at  nylon.

I sniffed out this explanation on how nylon rope is made: “A solution of decanedioyl dichloride in cyclohexane is floated on an aqueous solution of 1.6-diaminohexane. Nylon forms at the interface & can be pulled out as fast as it is produced forming a long thread – the ‘nylon rope’.”

Ok, I don’t understand that either. But I do get that some serious chemicals are used. Polymers are chemicals that are in long strings of similar molecules bonded together. There are natural polymers such as animal fur, but there are also many man made synthetic polymers. Simply put, nylon is a synthetic (man made)polymer & can be considered a type of plastic.

I’m sure you know that plastic is a very bad thing for the environment. It breaks down very slowly, taking thousands of years & when it does, it becomes a microscopic toxic dust that can get into everything, even your blood stream.

Chewing on a nylon toy will lead to small shreds coming free & your good dog will end up with these particles in their digestive system. The larger bits will pass but any micro pieces may not. Either way, no dog can digest plastic. And when the toy becomes too old & chewed up it will end up in a landfill, making it’s small contribution to the degradation of our environment.

My Knotty Toys for Good Dogs are made from European hemp rope. There are no chemicals or dyes, just pure hemp. You need not worry if some hemp particles get eaten. It will pass & it isn’t at all toxic. Also, hemp being made of organic material, it will decompose over time without harming anything.

Now you know. Nylon is a man made plastic & is bad for the environment.

CEO Olivia



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