Toronto Street Art “Remembered Sustenance“

Canine Culture

My huMom was feeling a bit homesick for Toronto. She was born there & lived there for most of her life. She was telling me about a group of dog statues she would ride past on her bike going to & from work. I was curious & did a bit of sniffing about.

The statues are actually an art installation called “Remembered Sustenance”, by artist Cynthia Short. They are located on the lawn outside Toronto Metro Hall on Wellington Street. The bronze creatures are often referred to as “bunny-dogs” or “rabbit-dogs” because of their big ears.

Unlike most public art pieces, this one was actually meant to be enjoyed by children. It represents the playfulness of childhood & it was the artist’s, Cynthia Short, hope that kids would play on the lawn with them. I know my huMom did.

What do you think of them? If I go to Toronto I will have to have a walk with them.

CEO Olivia


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