An Act of Dog

Canine Culture

Artist Mark Barone is an accomplished artists who with his partner Marina started the “Act of Dog” project. It is both sad & beautiful. Every day in the United States 5,500 dogs are euthanized. Barone wanted to raise awareness of this awful statistic so he has set himself the task of doing 5,500 portraits of condemned shelter dogs.

He & his partner have created the first memorial museum of its kind in the world, designed to illuminate, educate & lift animal welfare consciousness.

The museum will allow a stable forever fund, that will distribute 100% of donations towards the salvation of shelter animals.

The charity is committed to the salvation of all healthy & adoptable animals. The fund will support all shelter animal needs, shelter reform, rescue groups, fosters, transporters, groups fighting BSL & all the other people & organizations, who work selflessly on the front lines everyday.






I came from a shelter, I might have been one of those dogs if not for my huMom. This is why I always say, adopt, don’t shop.

CEO Olivia

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