The older good dog



My fur-sister Suzie Q is starting to show her age. We don’t know how old she really is but our best guess is fourteen years old. She is a senior dog & requires a little extra care.

Suzie is in good health. She can still zoom about & play, just not for as long as she once did. We know she has pain in her back hips & huMom gives her a natural pain relief supplement for dogs. We’ve heard that Turmeric paste is a good natural anti-inflammatory & once we’ve consulted with our vet we intend to give her & myself turmeric paste in our food.

Suzie will be seeing the vet for a geriatric profile which is a check-up for older dogs. She will be checked for overall body condition such as: eyes, ears, mouth, feet, hair coat, muscle mass & palpates for any abnormal growths. Also, we will look at blood chemistry profile, CBC, urinalysis, & thyroid test, all of which are important. Luckily Suzie is much loved & gets great care. Her coat is thick & shiny & she is at a good weight for her size. She is fed well, gets walked every day, she has play time with her Knotty Toys For Good Dogs & HuMom has purchased thickly padded dog beds to make her comfortable.

She may be a little hard of hearing & she doesn’t see as good as she once did, but her nose is still at 100% & together we sniff out wonderful stinks on our walks. I think having a fur-sister helps her too. She feels a part of a larger pack & that means a lot to us dogs.

CEO Olivia โค


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