The thing about dog boots


imageOn my Facebook page, Oh, The Life of Olivia, humans have been voicing concern because I’m seen romping in the snow barefoot. People want to know why I’m not wearing booties.

Here’s the thing, dog boots are wonderful in town/city & or on a well groomed trail & I do wear them when we go there. They protect my paws from road salts & other chemicals that are mixed in. Just a small grain of road salt can cause discomfort if it lodges between my pads; not mention it could interfere with my meds.

But when we go for a bush run in deep snow,  my boots tend to fill up with snow & turn to ice balls which makes my feet hurt & I often return home missing one or two booties because they’ve slipped off. We have tried many kinds but the result is always the same. I don’t think the makers of dog boots are thinking about the deep snow when they design them. They are ideal for a city or town dog but out where I live they are what humans call a “fail”.

Truth be told, most boots are designed to protect your paws from road salts but they don’t really provide extra warmth. So I go barefoot on my bush runs. We are never too far from the house. We walk a wide semi circle around the property so we can cut in any time & be at the back door fairly quickly. My huMom keeps a close eye & if I get cold, we head for the warm house.

If I was an inventor, I’d make a snow suit for dogs with the legs & boots sewn in, like a human’s “onesy”.  Hey huMom, can you make me a onesy out of hemp fabric? 😉

CEO Olivia

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