Our Plans for 2017



Hello everyone, Olivia here. It’s been a year. To recap, our home burned down on April 2nd. & we lost everything. We thought we could recover quickly & be back into production by the summer but we had no idea as to the scale of what losing everything meant. My huMom has had to focus on more personal things such as finding a new home & slowly replacing everything from dishes to furniture & clothing.

But this year gave us time to plan. We got to step back & think of ways to expand our line of toys & items. We will be introducing doggy blankets & softies. We will also be adding toys for good cats such as organic cat nip filled “mice”. All our products will be made from hemp.

Next year will be a better year. We will reopen our online store & our Knotty Toys will be showing up in health food stores, doggy daycares & dog training centers.

Goodbye 2016, it’s been fun…NOT!

CEO Olivia

One thought on “Our Plans for 2017

  1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your home. My sister had the same thing happen a couple years ago and while the physical space can (fairly) easily be replaced, so much of its contents remain elusive and missing (digital pics sadly not backed up and physical photos of the family growing up). Still the opportunity for a new clean slate with a more defined focus is exciting. Warm wishes as you implement your plan. And like you, 2016 cannot go away fast enough for me too. Here’s to a pawsome 2017!


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