Winter Clothing for Good Dogs

Canine Culture


I get mixed responses when I’m out looking fashionable in my winter coat & boots. Some think it’s wooftastic & others think, “how silly, it’s just a dog”. I do like to look my best, but my winter clothes serve a purpose.

Sweaters, coats, & sweatshirts are ideal for dogs that have trouble keeping warm. Booties protect a dog’s feet from developing frostbite, cracked pads, or burns from salt used to de-ice sidewalks & streets. A raincoat is a good addition to your dog’s wardrobe if you live in a particularly rainy climate or your furry friend enjoys long walks on rainy days. Raincoats also provide protection from sleet during winter walks. Fleece-lined varieties keep your good dog both warm & dry. Reflective clothing is good for evening walks.

Before you buy or order one of these items of clothing, be sure to measure your dog’s neck & chest. Clothing should fit snugly, but not be so tight that it affects your pet’s comfort. Also be sure your dog isn’t allergic to the material your coat or boots are made from.

Dogs with undercoats or that are bred for colder temperatures do not need to wear clothing. For example, Siberian huskies were bred to live in the harsh climate of northeastern Siberia & can handle cold temperatures. Still, they can benefit from wearing booties like I do to protect their feet from salt & slippery conditions.

Staying warm & stylish this winter,

CEO Olivia


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