Saying Good Bye to My Pigbro Miggy



My sweet pigbro Miggy left this world this morning.

It was a great shock to all of us.  Yesterday we successfully moved both MiG & GG to our new home.  MiG has moved several times & seemed like a pro.  He walked into the trailer with little help & he came out of it eagerly to see his new home.

Once we arrived, he did a quick patrol of the fence perimeter with his pigbro GG, ate his dinner & settled in as he always does.

This morning he tossed around a few times in bed as usual & he in no way showed any discomfort. He passed away while he was cuddled up to his pigbro GG.

Miggy will be forever loved & always missed ❤

❤ nose nudges ❤

MiG’s sister Olivia



















Ouff Ouff my sweet pigbro ❤

10 thoughts on “Saying Good Bye to My Pigbro Miggy

  1. So sorry to hear. Condolences to all your four-legged family, especially to GG (and to you two). Glad he got to experience the new abode…where his essence may linger to sustain you all

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