Fall & Winter Fashion




Hello everyone, Olivia here. With the cool weather arriving I’ve been rather chilly the past few mornings. HuMom has had the sad realization that all my fashionable coats & jackets were taken in the fire. I need new winter clothes!


I used to have red flannel pajamas that were made for my late predecessor Chelsey Moana-Beasta. I also had a rain coat & a few other cloth coats as well as booties. All was lost, my purple accessories too.



I’d like some advice from you my dear readers. Does your good dog have a closet full of winter fashions? If so I’d like some recommendations.  Purple is my favorite color 🙂

Purple day 2

Post pictures or comments here or on our Facebook Page or my own page, “Oh, The Life of Olivia“. When I get my new coats, I will model them for you.

CEO Olivia


2 thoughts on “Fall & Winter Fashion

  1. Sorry you lost everything in a fire. We do have a coat and snow boots for severe winter weather and I’m especially grateful for the boots which keep those frozen snow balls out of Sam’s feet. It’d be like walking on rocks without shoes I think without them. 😉 HIs snow/rain coat is from Duluth and has great pockets to stash bags on. Nicely lined with fleece, it keeps my boy warm and dry on walks.


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