Liver Cleansing for Good Dogs



Living with canine epilepsy means I have to take several medications every day. Over time this can cause stress to my liver. I have a pretty healthy diet but some dogs are fed poor quality processed food & those can be stressful to the liver as well.

This month I’m doing my autumn liver cleanse. There are several ways to cleanse the liver but I take a product called Liver Tone by Omega Alpha.  It contains several herbs that are good for your liver.

A common ingredient in liver cleanses is Milk Thistle. It has a chemical that is extracted from the seeds called Silymarin, which helps repair liver cells damaged by toxic substances. Leafy greens, beets, turmeric & apple cider vinegar are also beneficial to the liver.

The best thing is to eat healthy, unprocessed foods & drink plenty of clean water. We are constantly exposed to toxins such as car fumes or cigarette smoke so a liver cleanse is never a bad idea. But you can always consult your vet first, a simple blood test can show if the liver is stressed.

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CEO Olivia.

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