Getting Blood Work



Sometimes when I’m visiting the vet, they take some of my blood for tests. This is done because a blood test can provide my vet with a lot of information about my health. There are several ways my blood can be examined & each method reveals specific information.

A morphological inspection consists of looking at the shape of the blood cells under a microscope.

A complete blood count (CBC) is just what it sounds like – an actual count of the various types of red blood cells (CBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), & platelets present in a specific volume of blood.

A chemistry profile identifies & quantifies other agents in the blood, including enzymes, glucose, proteins, electrolytes & cholesterol. A “chem screen,” as it is often called, can tell my vet how well all my organs are functioning.

It’s important to have blood work done when a dog is young & in good health. This will serve as a “base line” of what’s normal for this dog. This can then be compared to future blood tests to see what if anything has changed & identify any possible issues.

Blood tests can detect organ damage, disease or infections but they can also be used to determine the correct sedative & medication dosages for dogs about to have surgery.

I”ll leave you today with three links to articles about understanding bloodwork for dogs.

Animal Hospital of Cambridge ~ Understanding Bloodwork

Understanding Dog Bloodwork

Understanding Your Pets Bloodwork

All I know is, those needles hurt sometimes but they are always followed by kind words, compassion & treats.

CEO Olivia

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