Life Jackets for Good Dogs


life jacket

Just like people, dogs need to think about safety when near water. Sure, most of us are naturally good swimmers but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions. I myself have found myself happily jumping into a stream only to find the current too strong. A dog might also “run out of gas” while swimming. A life jacket can save a dog’s life.

I have my own life jacket or flotation device. It’s designed for us dogs so after some minor adjustments, it fits me right. It’s brightly colored so I’m easy to spot & it has a ring to hook my leash to as well as a handle should I ever need to be lifted out of the water quickly.

Just as you would with a small child, it’s important to have an eye on your good dog at all times when playing near or in the water. It can only take a moment for a dog to find itself in trouble. A dog could get it’s feet tangled in underwater weeds for example. In a boating accident, a dog could be injured & unable to swim. Also don’t over do it, a dog can tire before you do. Allow rest time, under a shady tree perhaps. Be smart, be safe & have a wonderful swim.

A good article with tips on how to choose the right life jacket & some recommendations can be read here.

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