Calming Your Good Dog with Adaptil


Calm dog

Anyone who’s met me knows I can be an excitable dog. I  get very vocal when people are around, especially people with high energy. Some times I get too wound up for my own good. I also like my routine so when it gets interrupted by something, I can get anxious & stressed out.

Since the fire my good Vet, Dr. Kim Facey of Apsley’s Veterinary Services  (their Facebook page) has donated to us a product called Adaptil, which is a non-drug solution for helping dogs feel more relaxed & secure. Adaptil synthetically mimics the natural appeasing pheromones that mother dogs use to comfort & reassure their puppies.

When puppies are young, the presence of the appeasing pheromone produced by their mother provides them with the confidence & security to explore the world around them.  Adult dogs respond to this pheromone in a similar way to puppies, & as a result benefit from its comforting & reassuring properties in situations that may cause them to feel stressed or insecure.

I can report that I respond very well to this product. When I’m excited or anxious my huMom will spray a small amount of Adaptil near me & within seconds I calm down. Adaptil can be purchased in spray form, in a diffuser that you plug in the wall, or you can get Adaptil collars which last about a month.

What ever may stress your good dog, be it being alone, going in the car, loud noises, traveling, grooming, vet visits, new environments, visitors or if you are introducing a new member of the family, Adaptil will help your dog to remain calm & confident.

You can read more about Adaptil here.

CEO Olivia

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