An Update On Our Epi Warrior Olivia



I have been on my new AED cocktail (anti seizure drugs)  for a few months now. I have started taking Zonisamide & have been slowly decreasing my Phenobarbital while continuing with my Potassium Bromide. When I cluster I used to take Clonazepam but over time it’s effectiveness has decreased so I’ve started to use Keppra instead.

In the past few months, for the first time ever I have been able to fight off seizures & when I do have one, I don’t always cluster (more than one seizure in a 24hr period). I haven’t needed to take Keppra as often as was expected. This is very good news.

When I do have a Gran Mal my postictal stage has decreased in length & my usual temporary blindness & loss of smell isn’t occurring. I still need to pace for a while but I’m not frantic like I was in the past. My hunger remains the same.

One thing my huMom has noticed is I’m still very tired after a seizure. We used to think it was the medications that left me all “foggy” but it seems this is not the case. I’m just really worn out.

My wooftastic Vet says she is very pleased with my progress & 3 bum swings! so are we!  I’ll keep you updated as we paw forward ❤

CEO Olivia

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2 thoughts on “An Update On Our Epi Warrior Olivia

  1. My mom saw a human have a seizure in the 7th grade, a girl she had just met as it was a new school for them both. The first year of junior high. The girl had a big seizure and actually died. Since that day, Mom has had a fear of seizures. She has also seen a dog have one and it was terribly frightening. We hope to never have to experience them. Such a scary thing.


    1. ❤ Gentle nose nudges to you & your mom Emma ❤
      Seizures are scary for both the dog & the human. I know my huMom used to feel useless while watching me have a gran mal but she learned, with the support of the epi-dog community to focus on the moment. Instead, now she assess my physical safety & puts up the necessary gates & barriers. Then she prepares food for me ( I am ravenous when I gain consciousness) & my coconut filled Kong. If it's a cluster seizure, then my cluster buster drug Keppra is prepared. I take it in some food; I always want more food. If possible I am placed on my cooling mat & ice packs are applied along my back. My huMom will apply OCT (Ocular Compression Therapy).
      You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice 🙂


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