Turtle the Painting Pit Bull

Canine Culture


Today I want to share with you a very special dog named Turtle. Sadly, Turtle started out in a bad place, she was used as a bait dog. Turtle was rescued when she was around two years old. Her huMom wanted to use Turtles’ story to help other Pit Bulls but unfortunately, because she is a Pit Bull a lot of people don’t always feel comfortable near her. So Turtle learned how to paint, how threatening is a Pit Bull that can paint?

Turtle the Painting Pit Bull visits schools to teach kids about bullying & animal abuse through her “Bullying From A Pit Bull’s Perspective” program which is based on Turtle’s story of overcoming abuse & pawing it forward. At the end of each program Turtle paints a picture which is framed & left for the school as a reminder to the students that bullying hurts. Every child receives a wrist band that says “Remember Turtle”.

Respect A Bull, Inc is also dedicated to lowering the number of Pit Bulls dying in shelters through spay/neuter/education. To date they have spayed/neutered/vaccinated and micro chipped over 350 Pit Bulls at no cost to the owners.

Turtle is also an Epi-Warrior. Sadly she began having seizures last year. So let’s all send her strength to fight. We at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs say this is one Wooftastic canine. Please sniff out Turtle’s web site or visit her on Facebook.

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