The Importance of Fostering


foster dog

Adopting dogs into permanent homes is the ultimate goal for shelters & rescue groups, but fostering is another, equally important step in the adoption process. Dog fosters are those often unsung, frequently short-term volunteers who provide love, food & shelter for rescued animals awaiting a permanent home.

Without dog fosters many adoptions would never be possible. Sadly, no-kill shelters are the exception, not the rule & far too many dogs are euthanized simply because there is nowhere to house them; fostering offers a much needed reprieve. Furthermore, many dogs, those that are too stressed or those in need of recuperative care or training don’t fare well in a shelter environment, making it difficult to appeal to would-be adopters.

If you think you’d be interested in fostering,reach out to your municipal shelter, SPCA or breed-specific rescue group. Pretty much everybody is in need of fosters. A foster application & a home check are standard practice. Once approved you will work with the shelter or rescue & hopefully before long you’ll be matched up with a foster dog. Foster dogs can stay with their foster families anywhere from a couple days to months, during which time you’ll have the joy of seeing a discarded dog blossom, the recipient of a second chance.
Sometimes, the foster becomes a forever home. It’s called “foster failure”. But it’s no failure at all 😉
CEO Olivia

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