Remembering Our Dear Friend, Zee.


My huMom first meet Zee & her huMom Sharon McCullough years ago. Apparently, Desta my predecessor & Zee were the spitting image of one another. They became very close furiends.

Zee & her huMom initiated & were fully responsible for the creation of The Bancroft Dog Park named FIDO (Freedom Includes Dogs Outside).

When I meet Zee she had got on in years but had not slowed down.  Zee & her huMom cared for many foster kittens, an Iguana & several birds. They also groomed & kept the Dog Park in good condition so everyone could enjoy being off leash & safe.

We all miss you Zee, but most of all Sharon who had these words to share:

Tomorrow is the one year mark of loosing my friend, Zee. There’s not a day go by that I don’t think about her with tears & smiles. Digging up the many bones she hid in the garden, finding the bones she hid in the car, her sneaky ways.
There’s not a person I met that didn’t like Zee. She had a calm & friendly way about her that could be very comical. We were welcome in many stores & would always go right behind the counter, sit & stare until the treat was produced.
Zee was my inspiration for building the Bancroft dog park. I dedicated more than four years of our life to creating what is now one of the busiest & happiest places in town. Some months ago I asked the township to allow the park to be named “ZEE’S ACRE” but they haven’t acknowledged my hand delivered message. Sad.

The last two years were pretty mellow. Zees vision & then her hearing faded. We enjoyed the dog park when it was empty but she was always busy. Inspecting the fence line, checking the trees, sniffing the entire park with her tail wagging every second.

Zee was a happy girl. I loved her dearly. I miss her so much. She passed as we lived: side by side. She left me at 4 am January 26, 20015 at 15 years, 3 months. Today she is with me, the box containing her ashes is my most precious possession.
Zee, I love you forever, I’ll miss you till my last breath when I hope we are together again.

CEO Olivia

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