Dog Idioms

Canine Culture

raining cats and dogs

Over the years I’ve heard some odd sayings involving dogs. For example, what is a “dogs Breakfast”? I thought it would be something delicious but it turns out it means something done badly.

Then I heard the saying, “the tail wagging the dog”. Wait…what? It means something or someone who is unimportant influencing or controlling something or someone that is.

I thought a “shaggy dog story” would be interesting but it turned out to be a very long joke with a lame punchline.

Then there was these references to a “hair of the dog”, turns out that’s about a cure for a hangover…whatever that is.

Ever heard of a “dog & pony show”? It means an elaborate presentation to gain approval. If a business or a politician is having a party with food, entertainment & balloons to draw people in, that’s a dog & pony show.

A “three dog night” means it’s really cold outside so you want extra dogs sleeping with you for warmth. That sounds like a good idea. Where I live we have five dog nights. BOL!

The only saying I use regularly is, “are you going to finish that”?

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