Know Your Charity



Being charitable is a good thing. But there are always those who will take advantage & today we are sharing a rather shocking story. The Canadian Humane Society is fighting in the courts to prevent it’s charitable status from being revoked. It seems for the past 23 years this “charity” ran by Michael O’Sullivan has been little more than a scam. A very profitable one at that.

20 years have past & O’Sullivan continues to fight in the courts, filing appeal after appeal, his charity remains in business & continues to collect donations & issue official tax receipts. His website also asks donors to consider making the Humane Society of Canada the executor as well as beneficiary of their wills.

Apparently O’Sullivan has placed his legal woes ahead of abandoned & homeless animals with the bulk of the funds going to his lawyers’ fees. According to its 2014 tax return, one of his four charities spent $157,000 on legal fees & only $50 on “animal welfare.” In 2013, it spent $181,251 on legal & accounting fees, & only $140 on “animal welfare.”

The lesson learned here is to always check out a charity. Do your homework. If approached on the street or while shopping, take the name of the organization, research it & if it meets your standards, then make your donation.

Links to help you in your research.

Charity Intelligence Canada

Charity Watch

Charity Navigator

CEO Olivia

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