New Technology for Missing Dogs




Has your good dog ever gone missing? If so you know the panic one can go through. Minutes can feel like hours. Luckily there is technology to the rescue. In the past few years some new & innovative ways of locating your missing dog have come along.

Collars with built in GPS, Smart phone apps & social media are all new ways to find a missing dog. There is now software that uses facial recognition & there are GPS devices that are powered by your dog’s muscle energy.

Let’s look at some newer approaches to finding a lost dog.

On Facebook, one page for example, MDM ( Missing Dog Massachusetts) offers advice, support & most importantly, a network of people spreading the word that your dog is missing. There are many similar pages dedicated to reuniting dogs & their humans.

Most dogs have a micro chip, but it’s a passive device that needs to be actually scanned to be read. There are new high tech methods coming onto the market. Gibi is a small GPS device that you can attach to a collar or harness. It can track your dog in real time on your phone. You can set up a “safe zone” such as your back yard & if your dog goes beyond there you will be notified.

Another example is PetHub. You set up an account online & purchase an ID tag. If your dog goes missing you notify PetHub who then sends out an alert to local shelters & vets. Also the tag has a QR code that can be scanned by a smart phone. If someone finds your dog & scans the code, you will be alerted & the person will have your dogs information. In five years PetHub has helped over 500 dogs find their way home. Most in less than 24 hours.

It’s good to know that if properly prepared, thanks to technology a missing dog may not be as traumatic & a quick, safe return is now possible.

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