Rawhide for your Good Dog?



All dogs need to chew. It works off energy & is good for cleaning their teeth. But is Rawhide a good choice? We at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs think, no but you can decide for yourself.

First off, several reports have revealed that rawhides which have been produced outside the USA were made using toxic chemicals. The process of making rawhide involves chemically separating the outer layer of skin from the hide. They are usually from a cow but could be from anything including dogs. This process leaves deadly poisons in the chew, including arsenic & formaldehyde.

Secondly, Rawhide can be a choking hazard & large chunks can be swallowed whole. These chunks can swell up in the dog’s intestines & can cause serious illness for your dog or even death. Never leave your good dog unsupervised with any chew toy.

There are many natural alternatives to rawhide. A Knotty Toy for Good Dogs is one of many. Our toys are pure hemp & they too can clean your dogs teeth. Our toys are non toxic & created from a sustainable material. Something to chew on 😉

CEO Olivia

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