The Titer Test ~ a brief explanation.



Although it is important to have your good dog vaccinated against certain diseases, the question needs to be asked, how often is really necessary? Some vets believe in re-vaccinating annually. But this may be overkill & could compromise your dogs immune system over time. For dogs who live with epilepsy (like myself), an autoimmune disease, cancer, severe allergies or skin diseases vaccinating could be detrimental.

There is a simple blood test known as a Titer test that can check your dog’s immunity to certain diseases by measuring antibodies. A Titer test can determine protection for diseases such as distemper, rabies, parvo & hepatitis.

An annual Titer test can ensure your dog has the necessary antibodies. It can also be done for a new member of your pack such as a shelter rescue if it’s history is unknown.

If the test shows your dog is protected from certain diseases then further vaccinations for these diseases are not needed. Sadly & we hope with more advocacy work this will change but some places still require an annual vaccination against rabies.  With that said, vaccinating for rabies every three years is adequate.

Remember, no test is perfect. Titer testing reveals a lot about the state of your dog’s immune system & its ability to prevent specific diseases. There is no 100% guarantee that a Titer will protect him – but there is no guarantee a vaccine will either.

As always, we recommend consulting your vet.

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