Garlic – The Good, The Bad & The Truth



Garlic is bad for dogs.  No, wait, it’s good for dogs.  Confused? Lets clear this up.

Back in Chelsey Moana Beasta’s day (the bull terrier in our logo) garlic was considered good but when CEO Olivia was a pup we were told garlic was bad.  Recent research has determined that in fact garlic is good for our dogs.

Good Reasons To Feed Your Good Dogs Garlic

    1. A natural antibiotic
    2. It’s anti fungal, antiviral & antibacterial effects can contribute to the healing process.
    3. Increases general immune activity.
    4. Uncooked garlic helps to lower blood triglycerides & cholesterol making it useful for   certain breeds (Schnauzers & Beagles) that are predisposed to this problem.
    5. Compounds in garlic act as antioxidants & help flush toxins out.
    6. Helps prevent flea infestation.
    7. A host of studies provide evidence that the allicin in garlic works to inhibit cancer formation.
    8. It regulates blood sugar levels.

According to Dr. Loridawn Gordon, DVM it’s important to give your dogs a safe amount & only once a day:

Dogs 10 – 15 lbs give 1/2 a clove.

Dogs 20 – 40 lbs 1 clove.

Dogs 40 – 70 lbs 2 cloves.

Dogs 100+ lbs 3 cloves.

Who Should Not Be Given Garlic:

  1. Pregnant & lactating dogs.
  2. Puppies.
  3. Dogs with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  4. Dogs with Colitis.
  5. Diabetic Dogs.
  6. Dogs with blood clotting disorders.
  7. Dogs who are taking EPA in fish oils.

Dr. Gordon, DVM recommends garlic once a day for up to 3 months at a time.  After a maximum of 3 months, take a 1 month break before resuming.  During the 3-month period, she recommends giving garlic for one week & then stopping for 1 week, to give your dog’s body a break.

As always, consult with your dog’s veterinarian / primary healthcare practitioner before making changes to his or her diet.

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