It’s Flea Season Again!



Where we live it’s flea season & time to take measures to prevent an infestation.

Some flea medications contain ingredients that can trigger a seizure in some dogs & cats; especially epileptics or those with compromised immune systems. Even if labeled as “all natural”, you need to be careful.

It has been proven that one of the most common causative factors for dog seizures related to flea medications is IVERMECTIN. But there are other chemicals found in flea prevention products that can also trigger a seizure. These chemicals include Pyriproxyfen, Midacloprid, Methoprene, Fipronil, & Premethrin. These chemicals are not only dangerous to dogs, they are also dangerous to humans.

Before using any flea medications do your homework, discuss with your veterinarian about alternative flea prevention & options that may be safer for your dog.

Here are three basic tips on fighting fleas.

Keep your home clean & tidy. A single flea can drop up to 40+ eggs a day. Vacuuming & or washing your home daily with extra attention to your dogs bedding can help.

Diatomaceous earth (use food grade only) is harmless to humans & pets but is deadly to fleas. Spread it around after cleaning, but not near a fan or window. It’s very fine like talcum powder & you don’t want it blowing around.

Feed your dog a healthy diet. Fleas will target a weak or unhealthy dog over one in good health. Some people will add garlic (which has it’s controversy & we will discuss this in a later blog post) or brewers yeast (not a fan myself) to food during flea season because it is believed fleas don’t care for the taste.

If you have fleas you need to take action. They can multiply astronomically if left untreated.

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