It’s About Us Dogs

Canine Culture


There are a lot of other rope pull toys for dogs out there. They come in wonderful colors to attract the eye of the human. But here’s the thing, we dogs don’t see color the way humans do & to be honest, we are more attracted to the smell & feel of a toy.

Most companies are marketing to the owner not the dog. Synthetic toys smell weird to us dogs; unnatural. Nylon just isn’t cool to us dogs. Cotton toys are chemically treated & the dyes used are usually not natural. Our nose knows.

At Knotty Toys for Good Dogs our focus has been first & foremost a healthy, safe & most importantly, an all natural toy. Sure our toys fade to the background on the shelf next to all those brightly colored synthetic toys. But as I said above, we dogs don’t care about looks. Knotty Toys smell wonderful & the texture is great. That’s what we dogs care about.

CEO Olivia

Honoring the memory of my BFF Ruger The Staffy

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