Rescued at a Pet Store. What?


Harley and Teddy

Some good news. Yet another major American city has joined the charge to help shut down puppy mills once & for all.

Last week, Phoenix, Arizona passed legislation aimed at shutting down puppy mills by requiring pet stores to offer only adoptable rescues. Phoenix joins more than 60 other U.S. cities that have passed similar legislation.

Puppy mills breed animals for profit often at the expense of the health & well-being of both the puppies who are being sold & the older dogs used to breed them. The mothers & fathers of dogs sold by puppy mills often live out their lives in cages never knowing love or human affection.They are product & little else.

Requiring pet stories to offer rescues helps save the lives of the millions of adoptable animals who are put down each year in overcrowded shelters. Remember that adopting a dog or cat enriches three lives, yours, your new companion & the animal you just made space for at the shelter.

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