Replace BSL with C-TAG



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We at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs wish to see the end of BSL (breed specific legislation) everywhere. Simply put the BSL laws are based on fear & we would like to share what we feel is a viable alternative based on science. It’s name is the “Canine Threat Assessment Guide”, or C-TAG.

C-TAG is a standardized multi-level categorization system for aggressive dogs that recommends precautions proportionate to the level of threat the dog poses. An evidence based C-TAG assessment can be carried out by trained Animal Control officers in about an hour.

Canine Risk Assessment methodology is based upon the fundamental truth that a “Perfect Storm” of events must occur before a dog-human attack can take place, & because of this, there are multiple ways to intervene such that the attack does not occur. The risk analysis approach identifies the exposures & recommends the controls needed to mitigate them, removing some of the key contributory factors to a possible attack.

C-TAG was developed by the International Society of Canine Risk Assessors (ISCRA). Established in 2008, this organization promotes the use of Canine Risk Assessment instead of breed-specific legislation to control problem dogs. They also recognized the growing need for certified Service Dogs & Service Dog Trainers, & have established a Assistance Dog Division. In 2015, the organization was renamed the International Society of Canine Trainers & Assessors.

We urge you to explore C-TAG further & if the BSL is in effect where you live, please let your local government know there is a better, more rational, science based solution.

Next, we will take a look at C-TAG’s success.

CEO Olivia

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