Don’t Leave Your Good Dog In The Car



According to the Ottawa Humane Society & OSPCA it is against the law to leave a pet unattended in a parked vehicle in a manner that endangers the health or safety of the animal. Under the Ontario SPCA Act, OSPCA investigators have the authority of a police officer when enforcing those laws pertaining to animals. The Act permits the investigator to issue a written order to the owner of the animal or to take the necessary steps to relieve the animal from distress. Non-compliance of an OSPCA order may result in the animal being removed from private property (including parked vehicles).

In the USA only 16 states (AZ, CA, IL, ME, MD, MN, NC, NV, NH, NJ, NY, ND, RI, SD, VT, and WV) have statutes that specifically prohibit leaving an animal in confined vehicle.  Most of these laws provide that the animal must be confined or unattended in a parked or stationary vehicle.  Further, the laws adds that in order for a person to violate the law, the conditions have to endanger the animal’s life.  Some of the statutes specifically state that extreme hot or cold temperatures, lack of adequate ventilation, or failing to provide proper food or drink meet this definition.  Other laws are more vague and just require that the conditions are such that physical injury or death is likely to result. While not all states have laws that address animals in parked vehicles, numerous local ordinances prohibit this, and more may be enacted.  

Avoid a tragedy, leave your dog at home when you go out in your car.

CEO Olivia

Below is a chart & other media that can be printed & distribute in your community.


Fliers & Posters you can download & print



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