Who’s That Dog on the Logo?



People have been asking, “who is that dog on your logo”. Her name was Chelsey (a.k.a. Mona-Beasta), a brindle & white English Bull Terrier who radiated joy where ever she went. Chelsey & her brother Winston had spent a very long time sheltered at the animal hospital where my huMom worked.  When Chelsey’s brother found his forever home she was adopted by my huMom & became her best friend.

chelsey at the beach

Chelsey was well loved in her stomping grounds around the Queen St. West area of Toronto. She was so popular that one year the locals held a birthday party for her in the Trinity Bellwoods dog park. So many came to celebrate, the party took over the entire park.

An artist friend of my huMom did the original drawing for the birthday party posters that were put up all over the neighborhood. The image of Chelsey on our logo is from that birthday poster.

CEO Olivia


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