Adopt Don’t Shop!


  Ten Reasons

  1. You will save a life & make room for another homeless animal. 2.7 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year because they couldn’t find a home.
  2. Rescue dogs can make incredible transformations when they are adopted into loving homes.
  3. Most rescue dogs are relinquished for reasons that have nothing to do with behavioral problems. They are generally quite loving & gentle.
  4. Adding a dog in your life improves your physical & emotional health, especially when you know you have saved a dog from a short life & built a lasting friendship with a faithful companion who will bond for life.
  5. When adopting a dog, you’ll be giving him/her the gift of love, the greatest gift.
  6. What could feel more wonderful than knowing you have given someone the opportunity to live life happy & well cared for. A life they may have never known.
  7. Every dog has an amazing personality all their own.
  8. Dogs at shelters come in all ages, shapes and sizes!
  9. Adopting a rescue dog means that you won’t be supporting inhumane puppy mills.
  10. It’s just the right thing to do. 



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