Knotty Facts & FAQ


Knotty Facts

Some dogs are chewers & some are shredders.  For the chewers a Knotty Toy can last for months & months while a shredder can destroy one in mere minutes.  Others just might have zero interest in a Knotty Toy.  It’s rare but it happens.

All our Knotty Toys are cut & tied individually by hand in our workshop so they will not always be identical in appearance.  However, they are individually measured & cut to the same length.

Orders are filled & mailed out by the next business day.  We try to keep our shipping costs down & for this reason we use Canada Post for our deliveries.


Q:  Is my Knotty Toy Organic?

A:  The legal definition of ‘Organic’ varies from country to country.  Our Hemp Rope is grown free of chemicals & pesticides.  It’s country of origin is Romania.

Q:  What if my dog swallows some of the hemp fiber?

A:  Not a problem.  It’s roughage.  It too shall pass.

Q:  Will my dog get high?

A:  No.  This is hemp, not marijuana.  Though related, they are different plants altogether.

Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

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