Remembering Ruger The Staffy

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Today we are remembering with love BFF  Epi Warrior & Ambassador Ruger & send 💜gentle nose nudges💜 to his Mom & Dad🐾

Ruger was a purebred English Staffordshire Terrier born in Australia on March 28 2010. Ruger created his Facebook page December 2013. He became an Internet Pup Sensation. Ruger loved to make people smile, laugh & make people love one another.

More importantly, he created his page to raise awareness of canine epilepsy. Ruger developed canine epilepsy in August 2013 just past his 3rd birthday. Ruger showed the world that even with epilepsy he lived a full & happy life. Ruger lived life to the fullest & brought endless joy & happiness to everyone he met pup to face & through his Facebook page ‘Ruger The Staffy’.

Ruger lived his life by his mantra, ‘There are no disabilities in life, only ignorance & bad attitude.” He made every day ‘THE BEST DAY EVER!’

Ruger we will never forget you, never stop missing you, loving you, & we will continue to raise & support those effected by epilepsy or any struggle in your honor – Ruger’s Mom & Dad.

🐾💜RUGER THE STAFFY 💜 March 28 2010 – June 30 2015💜🐾

Are You Sporting Your Purple?


Hello again, CEO Olivia reporting. That’s my BFF & fellow Epi Warrior Riley above. As you must know, it’s Epilepsy Awareness Month. Purple is the color for Epilepsy Awareness. My huMom & I are wearing purple, are you? If not, perhaps you just need some inspiration.

How about a Bolo Tie?

Or maybe a simple bracelet

Perhaps a key chain as a simple statement

A purple ribbon pin can say a lot

I’m not sure who would see these but okay.

There you go, you have no excuse to not be sporting purple this month. SHow your support for those of us both human & canine who live with epilepsy. One day, a cure will be found & epilepsy will join Polio as just a bad memory.

My late BFF Ruger the Staffy knew how to rock the purple.

CEO Olivia