Feline Epi-Warriors



It dawned on me that not all of us Epi-Warriors are dogs. So I did a little snooping & found there are Epi-Warriors who are cats. It seems epilepsy is not as common in cats as it is with dogs but that evil Epi Monster does attack them too. In my research I learned that some cats can have seizures that are triggered by certain noises. It’s referred to as “Tom & Jerry Syndrome“.

I imagine their lives are much like mine, daily medication, constantly looking for warning signs of an impending seizure & on bad days, Epi Monster attacks.

I snooped some more & came across 2 epileptic cats that have a Facebook page.

Spot the seizure cat spot

Dante Dante the cat

There are also support groups on Facebook for cats that live with epilepsy. If you have a cat with epilepsy perhaps these groups can give you information & support.


Feline & Canine Epilepsy

Cats with Epilepsy

Epileptic Cats

To the Feline Epi-Warriors out there, I send strength to fight. We are warriors who fight because we must.

CEO Olivia