Silly Dog Sundays ~ July 1st Edition

Silly Dog Sundays

new yorker dog cartoon

Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner of my Barkday Card Drive for the Wally Foundation prize pack. I want to thank everyone who participated. We’ll announce the amount raised once all the cards have arrived as some are still making their way to me. If you’ve sent a card late, let us know so we can add you to the draw.

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!

CEO Olivia ❤

Wordless Wednesday for June 27th

wordless wednesday

Angel Ruger

Sometimes you just need a moment to ‘paws’ & reflect. Here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs, we call that Wordless Wednesday. On this day, we are remembering my BFF & fellow epi-warrior, Angel Ruger.


It’s not too late to enter my Barkday card drive for the Wally Foundation. You’ll be donating to a good cause & you can win a wooftastic prize package. It’s too late for snail mail but you can enter via PayPal. The account is Just a dollar is all I ask. Leave a note saying, “Olivia’s Barkday”.

If we all give a little, we can all help a lot.

Paw here for more details.

Have a wooftastic day.

CEO Olivia 

Silly Dog Sundays ~ June 24th Edition

Silly Dog Sundays

cat cartoon

It’s another Silly Dog Sunday. You can always send us a silly dog cartoon to or sniff us out on Facebook.  We’ll bark out loud together.

It’s not too late to participate in my Barkday card drive for the Wally Foundation. I’ve extended the drive until June 30th because I’m still getting your wooftastic cards. Please join in for this good cause. Paw here for all the details.

Have a wooftastic day.

CEO Olivia