Winter Hazards



Winter has arrived here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. It’s cold & the snow is already deep. With winter comes dangers for your good dog or cat. Today I’m going to sniff out a few.

When the body temperature of a dog or cat drops below the normal range of 100-102.5°F they begin to suffer from hypothermia. It can be fatal. We may have coats but being left outside during a cold snap just isn’t a good idea. Frost bite is also a threat. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for us.

Antifreeze, which is often sweet in taste & brightly colored, contains an ingredient called ethylene glycol that can be fatal to dogs & cats if not treated immediately after consumption. If you’re adding antifreeze to your vehicle, be sure to clean up any that may have spilled on the ground. (this is a year round danger really)

Ice-melting salts not only irritate & chap your good dog’s paws, they can also poison your dog if consumed. When salting your own driveway or sidewalks, look for pet-safe ice-melting products. Additionally, wash your good dog’s feet every time they come from outside, or consider buying dog winter booties.

Finally, before you start your vehicle, give the hood a smack with your hand or toot the horn. There may be a cat under your car or it’s hood seeking warmth.

Stay warm & stay safe this winter. I’m going to lie down by the wood stove now.

CEO Olivia