Love Lives Forever ~ Remembering Chelsey




Today Dot, Jerry Underfoot & I would like to  pawse from our regular FriYaY post & instead take this day to focus on Remembering huMom’s Chelsey Moana Beasta.

Many moons ago, huMom worked as the ‘Animal Care Supervisor’ at a busy Toronto Animal Hospital.  While she was there 2 wagnificent Bull Terriers had their lives disrupted due to the break up of their 2 humans  & they found themselves at the hospital while a new home could be found for them.

Chelsey & Winston were young & full of energy.  Being in a cage was hard on them.  So huMom would take them to the park everyday & play with them.  On the weekend she would bring them home or take them camping.  They were adorabull & easy to fall in love with.

Winston, the white male was quickly adopted by a pawtastic furmily leaving Chelsey by herself at the Hospital.  HuMom knew Chelsey was lonely.  So she called home & asked her roommates if they would agree to Chelsey becoming pawt of the furmily which included many humans, 2 cockatiels, 2 budgies, a guinea pig, multiple felines & on & off fosters from the Toronto Humane Society’s  ‘Wild Life Centre’.




They loved Chelsey & agreed she should come home with huMom.  Chelsey fit in immediately & became the mom to all the other critters.  The birds would ride on her back or head.  The guinea pig would share a bowl of popcorn with her.  The felines would snuggle her when it was nap time and the humans loved to play ball & go for walks with her.



Chelsey was much loved.  She is always with huMom who lovingly still shares fond memories, the many moments of silliness, & the strong bond of their relationship. Our logo is actually a wooftastic drawing of the furbulous Chelsey.



Love lives forever. 💜




Remembering Chelsey 🐾💜🐾 🕯️ ✨