A Pawsome Resource For Those Going Through Ruff Times



Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today is a Canadian howliday; it’s Victoria Day.  For many that’s a day where fireworks & gathering in groups seems impawtant to humans but not my huMom. She sees every howliday as a day to spend with her fur-family & nature. Us four leggers, apparently the feathered two leggers & just being in nature are what makes life happy for her.  She has always been this way.  We are an integral part of family for her & she would do everything to keep the pack together.

But imagine being in a situation where you would have to surrender a family member due to hospitalization, an abusive relationship or incarceration. Many humans have or will have to do just this.

Poverty, homelessness, mental health, substance use, & violent living conditions are real situations that many humans face & addressing them often leads to a need to surrender a four legger, giving up maybe the only pawsitive thing in their life. The grief would be paralysing & it would be difficult to move forward in a new & challenging journey.

Thank dog there are organizations like Toronto based Through Ruff Times. Co Founders Mella Brown ( a harm reduction counsellor & instructor in George Brown College’s AWCCA program) & Melissa Pisante (10 years of experience in the social justice field) work with those in need using harm reduction & anti-oppressive principals. They along with their team offer options so that people don’t need to make a choice between accessing the supports they need & losing their animal companions.  Through Ruff Times ensures safe, furienedly, judgment-free exchanges, & they respect the specific & changing needs of everyone involved.

Sitters are always needed as are donations. If you have a service, products, supplies, cash donation, want to shop, or a loving home please take a moment to think of this pawsome organization, the humans & their much loved companion animals.

They are also on Instagram & Facebook.

Do you know of any wagnificent organizations like this one near you?  If so, we would love to add them to our resource page.  Leave a comment here or where ever you are reading this blog. 💜 nose nudges 💜

Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜

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4 thoughts on “A Pawsome Resource For Those Going Through Ruff Times

  1. Thru RuffTimess soundss pawsum Olivia!
    Wee have a low-cal small group heer called SMILE that take in 4 leggedss fore peepell who have to go innto Shelturss or need help inn sum way.
    Heer iss their FaceBake link: https://www.facebook.com/SmileAnimalSociety/
    BellaSita Mum nose one of THE Ladiess who werkss fore THE group. If sumthin happened; they are back-up fore mee!

    BellaSita Mum meowed to mee there was nothin like this inn 80’ss an shee had to leeve Pyewcket kitty girl beehind when shee left 3rd Huzband who beet her efurry Caturday nite (he iss Alkie-holic). Inn THE end Pyewacket got outta house; got bit; got Rabiess an only BellaSita cuud get close to her. So shee had to catch Pyewacket an take her to Humane Society usin 3 busess an it was furry traumatick. An peepell at Sociey thott shee did bad stuff an wuud not let her stay with Pye at THE end…
    BellaSita promised herself shee wuud nevurr have THAT happen again. Shee still criess over Pye all these yeerss later.
    Thanx fore this impawtent post mee deer frend Olivia ❤ ❤
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. That is a tragic experience. Much loves, compassion & 💜gentle nose nudges💜

      Thank you for sharing Smile Animal Society with us. We will visit their site & try to help bring awareness to their pawtastic work.
      May you & BellaSita Mum be safe & together 🐾💜🐾

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