Happy Barkday to Me!


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. It’s my 11th Barkday, so today I’m all about gratitude.

I have everything a good dog could want. My humans love me, care for me & make sure I am always safe & healthy.  I have my feline siblings Dottie & Jerry Underfoot. I raised Dot from a kitten, she still whaps me on the bum for fun. Jerry just gives me kisses.

I also have all my friends online both two & four legged. I’m grateful for all the love & support they send me each & every day.

I know huMom & SAM have some things wrapped in pretty paper for me to open; new toys perhaps? But I already have the greatest gift of all, I know that I am loved.

CEO Olivia

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Thank you 💜 nose nudges 💜

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