It’s Olivia’s Gotcha Day


CEO Olivia here. Today I am most excited. It was on this day that I was adopted by my huMom from the Quinte Humane Society back in 2011. I had been there for three long months before she showed up looking for a companion for my late fur bro Micky Moo Man.

While at the shelter, everyone called me Molly. My huMom renamed me Olivia after Olivia the Pig. Olivia has an “I can do anything” attitude that comes from knowing she’s loved.

It was a long time ago but I do remember that upon arriving at my new home, as soon as I found it, I leaped on my huMom’s bed, declaring it mine too. My huMom took this picture of me, capturing the moment. You can see I’m still wearing my pink collar from the Humane Society.  The picture at the top is from later that day after huMom removed “Molly’s” collar. 💜

Since that day, my huMom has been the light of my life & she tells me she feels the same about me. I know that I’m loved, I have my pack & I know I never have to fight that epi-monster alone.

I’m off to celebrate with a run in the woods followed by a special cake & then a nap, on my bed. 😉

CEO Olivia

Until Midnight tonight, February 19th, we will be donating our sales profits to the Wally Foundation for Canine Epilepsy, a non profit who educate, advocate & assists qualifying individuals & organizations such as rescues & shelters with the costs of medication & medical costs.

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