CARAT ~ Caring For The Animals Trust


Caring for the Animals Trust or CARAT for short is a small charity operating out of the U.K.. Their mission is to help animals in Greece. There is no SPCA of any sort in Greece & there is a lot of neglect & indifference towards animals. No stray has a good life but in Greece they often face terrible cruelty.

CARAT currently provides support to about 17 small animal welfare societies.  These society’s desperately need help as they don’t have the time or resources to canvass for funds or to run websites to find supporters.  CARAT provides support by:

•  funding the sterilizing of strays (catch & release) either individually or through campaigns with volunteer vets.

•  supplying live traps, medical equipment & medicine.

•  financing the re-homing of rescued animals from Greece to other EU countries

•  aid with building costs of stables, kennel blocks & clinics

•  producing leaflets in Greek for educational programs – on “Care of the Donkey“, “The Benefits of Neutering Cats & Dogs”  &  “The Danger of leaving Dogs in
   Hot Cars

CARAT doesn’t just help cats & dogs, they also rescue abandoned or unwanted donkeys – saving them from the “meatmen” who sell them for slaughter.

CARAT assists in transporting these donkeys (sometimes mules or horses) to a new happy life in the UK or their supported donkey shelter in Crete.

It feels good knowing there is such caring humans. Please visit the CARAT website or Facebook page & help out if you can.

CEO Olivia




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