Epi-Warrior Riley

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Riley Living the life of Deanne Tanksley

Today we meet Riley. He & I met through social media. He has his own Facebook page too,  Living the Life of Riley !  His pawsome huMom wrote this about him.

“Riley. A picture of quiet strength. He has idiopathic epilepsy & has since we found him in November, 2008. He’s somewhere between 10 & 12 years old. He lives with 4 sisters & 4 brothers, all non-epis. Collectively, they are the Tanksley Thundering Herd. His longest seizure free streak was almost 2 years. Shortest, recorded in 2016 at 9 days. He takes three different medications throughout his day, but he gets treats after each so he doesn’t mind. He is a gentle boy. Easy to care for, easier to love. He handles his condition because it a part of who he is. He loves soaking in the sun & sleeping on his special cloud bed.”

It’s obvious that Riley has a wonderful home with a big pack to support him. All dogs should be so fortunate.

Stay Strong Riley ❤ nose nudges ❤



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