The Epi-Warriors of Facebook




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Did you know I have my own Facebook page? “Oh, the Life of Olivia” has over 5,400 followers. I’m a Canine Epilepsy Ambassador. It’s through Facebook that my huMom & I have made connections with so many other canines who also battle with epilepsy. I’ve made furiends with fellow Epi-Warriors from as far away as Australia. Together we support & comfort one another. Some continue the fight while sadly others have passed. It’s heartbreaking when an Epi-Warrior loses the fight. The tremendous outpouring of support & kind words is always comforting. It gives us hope, courage & strength in our battle against Canine Epilepsy.

Here are just some of the Epi-Warriors I have met. Please visit their pages & if you are an Epi-Warrior come visit me on Facebook & we can become furiends. If I have missed your page please accept my apologies. It would be wooftastic if we could add your page to this list.


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